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 Point & Rep System

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Point & Rep System Empty
PostSubject: Point & Rep System   Point & Rep System EmptySun Jan 08, 2012 2:02 pm

I have activated the Points & Rep system, so you will ether get +1 Rep or -1 Rep. If you have -5 Rep your warning status will increase. If you have up to -15 your warning status will be @ maximum, earning you 1 week ban. If you return (Note: there are only 3 chances for the warning system. your Rep isn't the only thing that can increase your warning status. There are a lot of rules, and only 3 chances. Keep that in mind)

1. Don't put false information on a topic or create a "False Forum"
2. Don't get cocky for any reason. We don't need attitude on the forums.
3. For each post that you are cocky in you lose -1 Rep.
4. For each False Forum you lose -2 Rep and are banned for 24 hours (1 Day)
5. Don't send any rude PM's and don't harass other members. You will be Perm-a-banned.
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Point & Rep System
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